Seizing the Opportunities of Immersive Reality

Next-generation experiences are not just a passing trend. Voice assistants, combined with immersive technologies such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality, will change our way of living and working.

When fully harnessed, next-generation technologies will be omnipresent and transformative. Right now, there's an opening for businesses to use these technologies to delight customers and gain a competitive edge. But how do you ensure that you're building a commercial necessity of tomorrow and not a novelty of today?

Wekihost provides the knowledge, customer empathy, and technical capabilities necessary to strategically execute next-generation technologies. By adopting an approach that uses agile design and lean innovation, we assist businesses in swiftly bringing cutting-edge products to market with precision.

DeerCreek Case Study

Case Study

Planting the seeds of 515% revenue growth with a stunning eCommerce experience>

We helped Deer Creek Seed grow at an incredible pace by bringing a better eCommerce experience to the market.

The Qualities of a Strong Next-Gen Tech Partner

Technical skills and methodologies are important, but the real challenge in creating a next-gen experience that counts is defining the problem you are trying to solve. That's why your partner must have:

A Strategic Mindset. If immersive technologies are to drive your growth, you need a partner capable of precisely and efficiently determining if a concept truly matches the market.

Speed and Agility. A partner needs to have proven processes for agile delivery, allowing you to 'fail fast' without heavily investing time and money, and to build and extend viable concepts quickly.

Audience Empathy. An effective partner will not only solve real customer problems but do so in a way that connects to people's motivations, desires, and frustrations.

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Our Next-Gen Tech Development Process

We combine design thinking and an empathy-driven approach to create powerful and memorable experiences - ones that enchant customers and stimulate business growth.

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Audience and Competitor Research

Addressing Customer and Market Needs

Powerful user experiences rest on knowing your audience. We assist you in identifying business challenges that could be solved with AR, VR, MR, or voice technologies, as well as the opportunities that stem from them.

When we find them, we meticulously study your market, exploring every nuance of customer attitudes, behaviors, and interests to find where customer needs - practical and emotional - can intersect with current immersive technologies.

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Design Sprint

Making the Impossible Possible

Empathy-driven experiences come to life during the design process. Using a user-centered design approach, our designers collaborate with you during 4-day sprints, bringing together strategists, designers, and members of your team to develop innovative applications of next-generation technologies.

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Digital Product Prototyping

Working Towards the MLP

With design thinking setting the direction, we use an agile process to build functional prototypes that undergo extensive user testing. By validating features and capabilities, we use this test and learn approach to refine the digital product and determine if it's a product people will ultimately love.

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AR + VR + MR Development

Creating the Immersive Experience

During development, engineers, product managers, and UX designers continue to collaborate, building upon the MLP to create a final, fully functional digital product, ready for market positioning.

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Voice-Enabled Product Development

Voice has the potential to deliver intuitive and nearly frictionless experiences. Our lean innovation approach allows us to quickly put voice-enabled products into customers' hands and iteratively refine them. We use our time-tested design thinking process to create user-centered experiences that assist people in performing tasks, finding information, and obtaining help.

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