Server 1
1 CPU Cores 2 GB RAM 20 GB NVMe
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Server 2
2 CPU Cores 4 GB RAM 40 GB NVMe
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Server 3
2 CPU Cores 8 GB RAM 80 GB NVMe
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Server 4
4 CPU Cores 16 GB RAM 160 GB NVMe
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Server 5
8 CPU Cores 32 GB RAM 240 GB NVMe
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Why choose Wekihost for your Magento Webstore hosting

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Boost your visibility and focus on growing your business while we take care of your updates, usage, and much more.

Continuous Availability Solutions

Dedicated clusters, backups and more. We maximize your server's uptime with 24/7 monitoring.

Free SSL Certificate

Boost visitor trust and secure your site with Let's Encrypt's free SSL certificate. This certificate protects sensitive information, improves your SEO.

Linux Experts

The best dedicated server system administrators work for you 24/7.

Custom Firewall

Commercial grade security solutions designed to protect public-facing applications from cyber attacks.

Website Transfers

Exclusive launch assistance service with sysadmin level support on cPanel managed servers.

Build your custom Magento Cloud Server from A to Z

We understand that finding the right Cloud Server can be complicated. Our in-house technical experts help you discover the details you will need to build the server that suits you. Httpd.conf, php.ini and my.cnf, we optimize your software and can assess your hardware needs. Our Cloud Server experts are here to guide you at every step of the process. Easily build a managed Cloud Server to handle your specific tasks, with up to 50 TB of storage. Combine it with another server for load balancing and smoother workflow. The result is a consistent Cloud Server cluster delivering optimal performance.

Fully managed Magento cloud server hosting

Easy management of cloud servers. Our fully managed cloud servers give you freedom. Easily scale your site and resources according to the growing needs of your business, for a personalized experience.

Incredibly fast

With pure SSD drives (Solid State Drive), you get storage that is 20 times faster compared to traditional hard drives (HDD) favored by cloud server competitors. This translates into significant performance improvements, speed, and website loading times.

Advanced security for cloud servers

Thanks to our cutting-edge hardware, software firewalls, and internal security package, your cloud server environment is in good hands. Also enjoy regular backups for additional peace of mind.

Fully customizable

Regardless of your technical skill level, your cloud server is fully customized. Choose your operating system (Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian), have root access to your server, and decide if you want to install a control panel (cPanel).

Elevate your digital presence to new heights and dominate the web!

Ready to move faster

Unlock the power of experience with our web experts who are ready to handle all your requirements to successfully carry out your project


Customer Reviews

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