Crafting impactful logos

Consumers see more logos today than ever before, but they only remember a few. Great logos embody their brand, tell a unique story, convey strong values - they stand for something.

While most brands know what they stand for, realizing their ideals into a symbol is a tall order. And over 17 years of building brands has taught us that memorable logos don’t happen by chance.

At Wekihost, our logo design process is fueled by high-quality research and solid strategy. Our team collaborates closely with clients to create a logo that makes a real impression - something your audience can adhere to and wear with pride.

DeerCreek Case Study

Case Study

How a brand redesign helped Deer Creek Seed increase sales by an amazing 515%

How a new brand identity and revamped e-commerce experience helped our client grow (and grow, and grow).

From Strategy to Storytelling

Smart brands know that a logo is a powerful storytelling tool. Today's iconic brand symbols enjoy their status because they have instant associations with moments, emotions, and attitudes. But they don't start that way. They earn that place in the consumer's mind.To forge that connection with an audience, your brand needs to take the time to learn and listen. This process raises big questions about the brand you are and the brand you want to be in a year, five years, or ten years.Impactful brand storytelling should make waves, but if it doesn’t rest on a foundation of research justifying it, success is simply a matter of luck. That’s why our logo design process always starts with research.

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How we create great logos

Creating a new logo is a crystallizing moment for brands. We approach this task with clear objectives and a steady hand. Our process is research-based, iterative by design, and informed by years of hands-on experience building brands in virtually every industry.

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Getting your point of view

Our process starts with the client. Frank conversations about a brand's status are essential for creating a logo that reflects or positively changes the brand's identity. Questions about the brand's external and internal perception, identity, and aspirations, as well as the competitive space, serve as a compass as we move toward research, ideation, and logo creation.

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Laying the foundation

Research and study are at the heart of our logo design process. Before we even make our first sketches, we add context by spotting trends, studying competitors, and identifying promising audience segments. This lays strategic groundwork to guide the rest of the project and solidifies our understanding of brand identity, client vision, customer sentiment, and more.

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Establishing an artistic foundation

Themes we’ve drawn from our research allow our team to select a range of materials for design and logo inspiration. From mood boards to competitor research, this is our chance to see what resonates (or doesn’t) with brand stakeholders.

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Crafting the heart of a brand

In a collaborative process, our designers and strategists meet to act on insights, inspiration, and client feedback. It’s at this stage that we translate our body of research into logo concepts, which is as exciting for us as it is for you.



Honing in on a winning design

Clients are never shut out of the logo design process. We take an iterative approach to the approval process, presenting concepts to stakeholders, gathering their input, and refining until we’ve checked all the boxes. From black-and-white concepts, to color mockups, to finalization, your feedback drives the process.

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Ready for the digital landscape

From app icons to push notifications, modern brands rely heavily on their logos to say and do a lot. Once the logo design is approved, our team is ready to identify essential use cases and create creative assets tailored to different digital situations, ensuring visual identity consistency throughout.

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