Navigating the mobile-first era

Practically overnight, mobile has become the primary way users engage digitally. And today, audiences judge brands by the quality of the experience they provide. Without a seamless mobile experience, you risk being seen as a waste of time and space.

Apps are not the only way to conquer mobile, but they are a powerful tool - they are natively mobile, offer broad capabilities, and give you a permanent presence on the devices your customers check more than 50 times a day.

With nearly two decades of digital experience, the Wekihost team understands what makes mobile experiences truly intuitive and engaging.

For clients ready to break into the app marketplace, we are a full-service partner for mobile experience design.

Designing for the user

Downloading a mobile app is a commitment. If consumers are to find your app and integrate it into their routine, the experience must entice them to come back. It all starts and ends with the user:

Listen to the user.Your app design agency should be invested in understanding the needs of users and how your app could meet those needs. Otherwise, there's no reason to believe people will use it.

Design for user needs.Naturally, you want your app to look good. But great app design never complicates things; it steps back and allows users to do what they need to do.

Test with real users.You never really know until you test. Once your agency thinks they've got everything right, they should let users get their hands on the product and prove them wrong. This feedback is essential for designing an app that truly understands its audience.

DeerCreek Case Study

Case Study

How Peterbilt saw a 343% increase in visitors

Truck manufacturer Peterbilt drove their business forward with a stunning website that generated unprecedented engagement.

What makes a great IA/UX team

Information architecture and user experience have their own language. But even if you don't master it, you should look for a UX team that:

Really understands your users. Your UX team should be obsessed with uncovering what users think, feel, and do, and translating their insights into an experience that these users will love.

Really understands usability. Usability isn't the only aspect of UX, but it's critical. A UX designer should be able to prioritize and simplify important user task flows, apply recognized best practices, and explain what they're doing and why.

Has the tools to test. User testing isn't part of everyone's budget, but your UX team should be ready to recommend tests that make sense from a cost-benefit perspective.

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Our app design process

Our approach to app design is creative, strategic, and focused on the user. From end to end, our team is a partner for enhanced digital experiences that rely on research and meticulous testing.

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Discovery + Strategy

Understanding the landscape

We start with you: stakeholder interviews help us understand your plans for the app and the problems you want to solve. We carry out in-depth research on the audience, identifying user needs and pain points.

In addition, our team explores the app landscape, identifying trends, best practices, and notable successes. We look at how other apps are solving your users' problems and how yours can stand out from the rest.

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UX Design

Crafting the experience

Supported by a foundation of client and audience insights, our UX team creates personas and user journeys - research-based tools that describe who will use your app and how. Clear task flows help to define exactly what features are needed to guide users throughout their journeys.

An app map charts out the experience, screen by screen, using wireframes. These help you to visualize the layout and understand key user interactions.

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User Testing

Test, rinse, and repeat

User testing is an essential proving point for our team. Representatives from the main user groups handle prototypes and beta versions from the early stages, and we observe their behavior and gather their feedback throughout the process. We leverage this information to refine the experience and optimize the product.

We leverage this information to refine the experience and optimize the product.

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UI Design

Part of the brand

We begin visual design with an exploratory phase - we share inspirations and get a sense of what resonates and what does not with you. Then, our design team works to create a visual identity that aligns with your brand.

In designing the interface, we consider differences in user expectations on iOS and Android, while ensuring that the overall experience remains consistent. We believe that beauty and functionality should never be at odds. We know when to add design touches - and when to step back so as not to hinder the user.


Deployment + Post-Launch

Into the wild

Once we get approval on UX and UI mockups, your app goes into development - another area of expertise for us, and the final stage before launch.

Finally, your app is in the store - but the work is not done. After helping with the launch, our team is ready to support your app with marketing on major platforms and dedicated technical support.

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