Why user experience is a necessity for brands and businesses

It's human nature: people like things to be easy and clear.

And today, people have seamless user experiences at their fingertips, every minute of every day.

Expectations are high.

So, when a digital property isn't easy to use, people get frustrated.

And when they get frustrated, they go elsewhere - leaving a poor impression of your business.

The good news is, building a great user experience takes work, but it's not magic.

You need the right expertise, a passion for listening to your users, and a willingness to test and learn.

A willingness to test and learn is essential.

The experts on the Wekihost UX team bring all these qualities and much more.

Their job is to turn the frustration of 'what's going on?' into the joy of 'that was easy' by designing standout experiences that convert prospects and retain customers.

DeerCreek Case Study

Case Study

How Peterbilt saw a 343% increase in visitors

Truck manufacturer Peterbilt drove their business forward with a stunning website that generated unprecedented engagement.

What makes a great IA/UX team

Information architecture and user experience have their own language. But even if you don't master it, you should look for a UX team that:

Really understands your users. Your UX team should be obsessed with uncovering what users think, feel, and do, and translating their insights into an experience that these users will love.

Really understands usability. Usability isn't the only aspect of UX, but it's critical. A UX designer should be able to prioritize and simplify important user task flows, apply recognized best practices, and explain what they're doing and why.

Has the tools to test. User testing isn't part of everyone's budget, but your UX team should be ready to recommend tests that make sense from a cost-benefit perspective.

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Our IA/UX process

Our process is flexible depending on client needs, but the basics are always the same: transforming a deep understanding of users into an intuitive experience.

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Uncovering the business context

Like any collaboration with Wekihost, an IA / UX collaboration begins with understanding the business goals that drive your project, so that we can set project objectives and ultimately define success.

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User Research

Keeping it user-centered

User research can take many forms. Semi-structured interviews, quantitative surveys, and user tests can all provide valuable insights, underpinning subsequent decisions with concrete data.

We work with you to decide what forms of user research are relevant to your needs and your budget, but we find that user research is an investment that translates into superior site performance.

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User Testing

Seeking feedback early and often

The ultimate test of any experience is how it performs with real users.

We use tools such as Optimal Workshop and Lookback to facilitate tests such as card sorting, first-click tests, and task analysis.

Again, we work closely with you to understand what forms of user testing will make the most sense for your project.

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Creation of Personas + User Journeys

Putting research to work

A persona is a fictional representation of a specific audience for your digital experience. A persona assigns a name, face, and story to a group of users, while a user journey shows how a representative user accomplishes a task, mapping all the key touchpoints along the way.

These powerful tools are packed with insights about your audience, ensuring that every decision we make is user-focused.


Site Map / App Map

Creating the information architecture

A site map or app map shows how each page or screen fits together in the experience and how users will navigate the experience to accomplish their desired tasks.

The information architecture helps us understand the effort needed to develop all the pages, screens, and features required by the site.


Wireframing + Prototyping

Drawing up the blueprints

Wireframes are representations of pages or screens. Prototypes go even further and show how important features will function.

Wireframes and prototypes are not designs, but show the flow and key interactions to guide the UI/visual designer, who will use these plans to render the stunning design mockups.


Documentation and Technical Specifications

Ensuring a smooth handoff

Our UX team works side by side with designers and developers. They are accustomed to creating hyper-detailed specifications showing exactly how each interaction will function, so that the experience can be built with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle.

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