How development drives eCommerce success

E-commerce businesses know that user experience and revenue go hand in hand. When users find the purchase difficult, slow, or confusing, they do not convert and you do not get paid.

That's why your e-commerce site should work hard for you - streamlining your operations and making purchasing effortless. But without a well-developed site, you're trying to build a great experience on shaky foundations. With more than 17 years of experience in the industry, Wekihost has developed more than its share of high-performing eCommerce sites. We focus on delivering an experience that users love, so you can get products off your shelves and into shoppers' carts.

DeerCreek Case Study

Case Study

Planting the seeds of 515% revenue growth with a stunning eCommerce experience

We helped Deer Creek Seed grow at an incredible pace by bringing a better eCommerce experience to the market.

Our eCommerce Development Process

Our process has been tested in the development of eCommerce sites in different sectors over the years, effectively delivering excellent sites.

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Technical Discovery

We start by understanding your current situation and needs. We gather this information by speaking to your technical leads and main stakeholders. This helps us define the business requirements that will guide the choice of technology.

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IA, Design + Copywriting

As an end-to-end eCommerce development agency, we regularly strategize, plan, design, and write copy for exceptional eCommerce sites. When we do this, we start preparing for development as early as the planning phase, so that our whole team of experts anticipates how the site will be built.

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Front-End and Back-End Coding

The creation of an eCommerce site is overseen by a technical project manager, who collaborates with the project's account director to meet the deadlines, budget, and quality of work. We work efficiently using the Waterfall or Agile method (using the Scrum methodology) as the project needs. Our various development teams have skills in many languages such as PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. We also have several CMS partnerships and certifications, allowing us to recommend a CMS impartially and successfully carry out your site's development.

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CMS Training + Launch

CMS training allows you to be ready to run a thriving eCommerce business and manage everything from adding products to applying discounts to managing returns. When everything is in working order, it's time to launch the site and start sales.

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