Why eCommerce Website Design Matters

Creating custom experiences is key to winning customers' hearts - and grabbing market share. When the right products, design, features, and branding come together, users have more reasons to stay and more reasons to buy.

We've been designing high-performing websites for over 17 years, and eCommerce sites are at the heart of our expertise. We focus on creating strategic, compelling designs that offer unique experiences, drive purchases, and foster user loyalty.

DeerCreek Case Study

Case Study

Opening a digital storefront to help Wholesome find its place

With a new visual identity, clear messaging, and a user-friendly eCommerce site, Wholesome Sweeteners is ready to delight its customers.

What's Important in eCommerce Website Design

To sell products, you need to sell your users on your brand. Getting users to make a purchase means looking closely at who they are, what interests them, and why they convert.

Audience Insights People have tons of options on where to spend their money. By educating, solving problems, and addressing user objections, you make your business the best option.

Experience Driven Design In today's eCommerce landscape, user experience is everything. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and a compelling user experience is a powerful differentiator.

Purchasing Convenience Complex and confusing experiences leave sales on the table. If users can't go from product page to checkout in just a few clicks, they'll start looking elsewhere.

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Our eCommerce Website Design Process

Polished and tested for nearly two decades, our process combines thorough user research, strategic insights, and experience-focused design to create websites that captivate users and drive business results.

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Discovery + User Research

We start every eCommerce design project by conducting stakeholder interviews and reviewing industry data and trends, to get a clearer picture of your business.

Understanding your audience is as important as knowing your business - our team focuses on your audience's issues, needs, and motivations, discovering their interests and what drives their purchasing behavior.

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Plotting the Course for Success

It takes a team to build a strategy. Once our research is complete, a seasoned website strategist gathers experts from multiple disciplines to gather insights and define strategic direction.

Once we've identified the way forward, we present our findings and recommendations to your team and establish the next steps for your eCommerce site design.

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Building Your Storefront Foundation

Our UX team takes learnings from our strategy to create a site map, which is a blueprint of the site's structure and hierarchy. At the same time, our team lays out a list of technical requirements and site specifications to ensure it operates smoothly once developed.

At the same time, our team puts together a list of technical requirements and site specifications to ensure it operates smoothly once developed.

With the structure in place, the UX team creates wireframes that show the layout and interactions of the pages, ensuring that every scroll and click translates into a positive and consistent experience.

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Creating Experiences That Convert

Design is where the experience truly takes shape. Starting from an exploratory session, we work in collaboration with your team to define the website's visual style.

Working from the wireframes, a designer brings our strategic concepts to life by creating full-color mockups of the site's key pages for desktop, mobile, and tablet.


eCommerce Website Development

Making Your New Marketplace

If we're developing your eCommerce site, this is when our team turns form into function, bringing our designs to life and adding the features that ensure peak performance. [link to eCommerce development] [link to eCommerce Development]

If you have your own development team ready to execute, we hand over specification documents and visual guides to simplify the development process.


Testing + Launch

Ensuring Everything Works Perfectly

As part of development, we provide QA and testing to ensure your eCommerce website operates flawlessly. By conducting tests across more than 100 checkpoints, we verify your site's performance, reliability, and security and ensure it meets standards. At this stage, we're ready to launch.

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