Building Remarkable Brands for a Crowded World

Audiences have always gravitated toward authentic brands. But consumers have become increasingly demanding, and rightly so: they are now confronted with more brands than ever before.

Meanwhile, digital has changed the way we tell brand stories. Social media, mobile, and next-generation innovations have given companies of all sizes the opportunity to share their story, provided they can make themselves heard amidst the surrounding noise.

In this environment, the most successful brands maintain a strong relationship with their audience and clearly understand who they are and the values they stand for. This requires strategic clarity, a focus on authentic connection, and a lot of personality.

With over 15 years of experience in transforming brands, Wekihost understands how companies can find success and retain their customer base in the digital realm. We offer the strategic leadership that brands need to discover, rethink, and refresh their market identity.

Wholesome Case Study

Case Study

See How a Rebrand Prepared
Wholesome for a Bright Future

Wholesome Sweeteners needed greater visibility for their brand. Our team refreshed their image and helped them stand out.

A True Brand Partner

Creating a brand is a serious investment, both in terms of time and effort. You need to trust the team you're working with. Whether you want to refresh an existing brand or start from scratch, look for a partner who:

Relies on research.

No brand strategy should be based on a hunch. Insightful teams prioritize research from day one and base their strategic recommendations on what they learn.

Fosters natural collaboration.

Your brand is the result of many components. Branding experts understand this. They seek out creatives, marketers, analysts, and more, to ensure that recommendations are grounded in best practices.

Focuses on solutions.

Brands exist to be seen. Effective strategists find exciting opportunities for activation, giving your team the tools they need to implement branding recommendations.

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Our Branding Creation Process

Your brand is the unifying force behind your company. Building it requires both creative spirit and strategic thinking. Our team works closely with clients to identify goals, gather insights, and establish their brand creation roadmap.

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Gathering insights

Listening in

We kick off work by meeting you in a series of interviews with key stakeholders. This is where we discuss your brand's strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, align on a vision for the future, and set our goals for the rest of the project.

We often add quantitative research, such as surveys, to measure the internal and external perception of the brand and understand how the brand is currently positioned.

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Audience research

Meet Your Future Fans

Our team prioritizes audience research throughout the brand strategy process. To enable us to speak to your audience with a human approach, we create personas - representative user profiles that paint a picture of the different types of people your brand will be speaking to, and how your new brand will connect with them. These personas are based on all the data and research compiled on the project so far.

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Insights + Concept

Unifying our research

Our strategy deliverable organizes our recommendations into an intuitive, 4-stage framework. The first stage, insights, lays out what we’ve learned and how it will inform the rest of the project.

We move directly from insights into the second stage, the brand concept. This is where we explore stylistic territories at a high level, narrowing down a direction and charting a course for future exploration.

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Putting Your Brand in Words

A verbal identity is the result of many components: vision, tone, values, mission, voice and tone, and more. To create yours, our strategy and writing experts unite their knowledge and experience.

Our role is not limited to creating the different parts of your identity, but also to link them in a powerful story that can be told across different channels to your employees, partners, customers, and the whole world.

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Visualizing your brand transformation

Once we have the story, we can start to tell it visually. Our gifted designers can equip you with all the assets your brand needs to look its best – everything from logo design and usage, to brand palette, photography and social media direction, to the creation of brand collateral for your sales and marketing teams to show off.

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Activation & Outlook

Moving toward the future

Having a dialogue with our clients is essential as we hone your brand vision into something your team believes in. That’s why every brand strategy is presented to the client with ample time allowed for feedback. Post-presentation, our team is standing by to put plans into action and take the next step toward branding transformation.

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