How a smart content strategy sets the tone

Content strategy covers the what, why, and how of content creation for your organization. A content strategy can be tailored to your website or content marketing, or it can be your master plan to delight your audience and drive leads and sales.

Why create a strategy? Well, there's a lot of content out there. In a world where millions of blog posts are published each day, you better have a strategy to be heard.

Wekihost's strategic approach stands out for teamwork and a drive for results. We work hand-in-hand with SEO, user experience, and design to consider every aspect of creating and promoting truly exceptional content. As seasoned content creators, we leverage years of writing experience to plan for your success.

Hilliard Lyons Case Study

Case Study

Driving Growth

Increase site dwell time by 30% by putting users at the forefront

Content Adaptation

Adapting content to Workfront's user journey to encourage users to stay longer

Choosing a content strategy team

An excellent content strategy team brings together many approaches and skills. Here are the most important.


For an excellent content strategist, there's no 'boring' sector. If it interests your audience, it should fascinate your content strategy team.


A content plan that imposes an unreasonable burden on your team - internal and external - is not a good plan. An effective partner is realistic about expanding a content strategy while maintaining the quality of work.


Content shouldn't live in a vacuum. It should be well-designed, well-presented, and well-promoted. Look for a team strong in multiple disciplines.

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Our content strategy process

Every business should aim to create content that no one else can reproduce. We have a solid framework to put you in that position.

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Discovery + Stakeholder Interviews

Understanding the Assignment

Our first task is always to get to know you: your business, your goals, and your content creation capabilities. Our key tool is the stakeholder interview, and we seek to hear a range of voices within your organization to have a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

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User Research

Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Even in the most user-centered organizations, what we hear from customers is always slightly different from what the business tells us. That's why we always seek to go directly to the source and conduct interviews with your customers and users to understand what motivates them - and what drives them to act.

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Data Analysis

Crunching Those Numbers

Content strategies are based on words, but that doesn't mean you can ignore the numbers. Web analytics can help us understand who is using a site and how, providing insights into content performance. Digital advertising performance data can give us clues about language that connects with customers. Any other data we can get, we will use to the fullest.

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Strategy Development

Putting All the Pieces Together

Our ideas evolve as we gather new insights from your stakeholders, your customers, and your data. Once we have all the information available, it's time to make a plan. We shape our recommendations by precisely defining your goals, identifying how content can contribute to achieving each goal, and setting out a roadmap for the necessary content. This approach ensures we are rigorous in prioritizing and justifying our recommendations.


Collaborating to Foster Success

Content strategy is not a one-way street. We present our findings, gather your feedback on the strategy, message direction, content planning, and any other aspect of the strategy that we can refine together before putting it into practice.

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