IGY Marinas: Elevating the Digital Horizon for a Maritime Titan

Webdesign Project 103

Since its inception in 2005, IGY Marinas has been synonymous with opulence in the luxury yacht marina domain. Over a decade and a half, its team has meticulously curated and maintained an array of top-tier marinas globally, catering to the discerning needs of megayacht enthusiasts and charters across the US, the Caribbean, and European waters. IGY's hallmark is its unparalleled service, and the brand's marinas are consistently lauded in the industry for their superior service ethos and world-class amenities.
While IGY's on-ground service was impeccable, they sought Blue Fountain Media's expertise to ensure their online representation was equally stellar, echoing their commitment to quality. The primary objectives were clear: enhance slip reservations, amplify brand visibility, and convert prospective leads into a dedicated clientele.

The Challenge

Juggling separate websites for its 17 distinct marinas, IGY's online landscape appeared fragmented, a stark contrast to the seamless luxury their audience was accustomed to. For IGY to not just meet but surpass its clientele's anticipations and allure potential patrons, it was imperative to forge an integrated web presence that married all facets of its brand. This presence had to exude luxury while maintaining intuitive navigation and usability.

Webdesign Project 103
The Approach As our partnership with IGY set sail, the BFM team embarked on formulating a layered strategy. This involved pinpointing core audiences and crystallizing both business and brand aspirations. The insights harvested during this foundational phase would shape the trajectory of our collaboration, culminating in the unveiling of a refreshed and invigorated igymarinas.com.

Defining UX Principles

Merging 17 individual marina websites into one unified platform presented a clear need for a well-defined UX direction. With this in mind, our team anchored its efforts on three guiding UX principles: First, the principle of Context, ensuring each visitor received content tailored to their interests; second, the principle of Discoverability, ensuring vital information was intuitively accessible; and third, the principle of Consistency, ensuring a revamped design aesthetic flowed seamlessly throughout the entire website. With these tenets as our foundation, our UX team crafted a site layout that not only made key information easily accessible but also enticed curious visitors with enriching content.

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Creating a Premium Destination

For a service as elite as IGY's, the online representation needed to exude luxury and class. BFM embarked on a comprehensive revamp of the IGY website, accentuating dynamic visuals, streamlined content spaces, and fluid transitions between different informational segments. The homepage became the focal point of our redesign efforts, undergoing multiple design iterations that invited feedback from an array of IGY stakeholders, while also balancing both business and branding needs. Armed with this diverse array of insights, BFM's design mavens sculpted a website that is rich in content yet remains user-centric, striking the perfect balance between aesthetic allure and functional excellence.

Embracing New Content

Boosting the number of slip reservations hinged on painting a compelling picture of the IGY marina experience. Our team crafted a myriad of assets that celebrated the unparalleled offerings at each IGY venue, while also highlighting the breathtaking settings these marinas graced. Engaging visuals were seamlessly intertwined with intricate marina blueprints, suggested travel routes, and enlightening destination details. This transformed each location's landing page into a captivating escapade, offering visitors a taste of the luxury they could experience firsthand.

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The revamped IGY website captivates its visitors, fitting for a titan in the realm of unparalleled luxury. Now, enthusiasts and potential clients have a unified digital hub catering to all their yachting desires. This transformation marks a pivotal chapter for IGY, signifying the brand's assertive stride into the contemporary digital landscape.

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