Sharp: Demonstrating the Impact of Focused Media Choices.

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From the humble calculators to the revolutionary televisions, Sharp has been at the forefront of molding modern existence with its groundbreaking products for over a century. Operating from its central hub in Osaka, Japan, Sharp emerged as a 2018 Thomson Reuters Global Tech Leader, boasting annual sales surpassing $18 billion.
Since our initial collaboration in 2012, the bond between Sharp and BFM has only grown stronger, marked by many successful paid media campaigns. However, Sharp recently approached us with a distinct challenge: Elevate the lead generation and sales for their advanced series of multi-functional printing and copying systems.

The Challenge

Navigating the B2B landscape for document systems is no small task. It’s a specialized niche, and the true challenge lies in delivering the perfect ad, at the ideal moment, to the target business, all while ensuring it reaches the right individual within that establishment. And all of this has to be achieved with cost efficiency.
Compounding the challenge was the existing digital infrastructure. The present landing pages were not fully equipped to decode user behaviors or intentions. Distinguishing between a casual visitor looking for product manuals and a genuine potential client, ripe for re-targeting, proved to be an intricate task.

Webdesign Project 103
The Approach
Sharp presented us with a concise, three-month trial period to demonstrate the efficacy of display advertising. The primary objective was clear: identify and engage potential clients keen on acquiring document systems for their enterprises, subsequently guiding them to discover a nearby dealer. With an enhanced budget at our disposal, our strategy pivoted towards channeling quality traffic towards the Sharp website. Here, the visitors had the facility to connect with local dealers in their vicinity.
Tangible Outcomes
  • A commendable 13% uptick in conversion rates.
  • An impressive 15% surge in users pinpointing a local dealer.

Audience Targeting

Ensuring our message resonated with the correct audience was paramount. Throughout our campaign sprint, we employed a multifaceted strategy, intertwining different audience profiles with a range of targeting methods, encompassing geotargeting and keyword targeting. This process was dynamic — we constantly tested, refined, and then invested more heavily into the audience segments that showcased optimal conversion rates.

Moreover, to further sharpen our reach, we tapped into in-market audiences, honed our topic targeting strategy, and secured premium ad placements in industry-relevant publications like Gizmodo, CNET, and Wired. This approach ensured that our advertising resonated deeply with those already inclined towards Sharp's offerings.

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Over the span of the three-month campaign, we observed a significant uplift in user engagement. There was a 15% increase in the number of users seeking out a dealer and a noteworthy 13% boost in conversion rates. Beyond these primary metrics, there was a 21% growth in various secondary conversions on the Sharp website, encompassing actions such as general contact form submissions and inquiries for more details about other Sharp offerings.

Sharp continues to be a cherished partner of BFM, and we are enthusiastic about our future collaborations, helping them expand and flourish in their business endeavors.

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