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Since its inception in 1971, FedEx has been pivotal in ensuring that our cherished items, be it gifts or essential documents, reach their intended destinations promptly and securely. As one of the most revered courier services in history, the company has witnessed immense growth over its near half-century existence. Today, it stands as an emblematic brand, recognized by its distinctive logo and a vast array of international service offerings.
With the company's expansion came a surge in its workforce, boasting over 25,000 members just in its FedEx Ground division. To enhance its internal communications, FedEx Ground collaborated with Blue Fountain Media to revamp its employee portal, the Daily Ground Online, ensuring seamless large-scale communications.

The Challenge
FedEx aspired to revitalize its internal communication platform to cater to a nationwide team, ensuring compatibility across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. The goal was to design a contemporary, employee-focused portal that efficiently provided news and resources to its staff.

Webdesign Project 103
The Approach During the RFP phase, our team established a robust strategy which became the cornerstone of our collaboration with FedEx. A comprehensive exploration of the FedEx Ground brand was crucial, leading us to create a preliminary design for an innovative internal communications system.

Design with the User in Mind

It was essential for 'The Daily Ground Online' to be enlightening without overwhelming its users. BFM collaborated in-depth with the FedEx team to craft a user-friendly navigation and homepage layout. We also organized content into clear categories and subcategories, ensuring visitors could effortlessly locate the information they sought.

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Streamlined Access

We seamlessly merged the FedEx LDAP system with 'The Daily Ground Online', facilitating a strong and safe Single Sign-on (SSO) mechanism. By drawing information directly from the FedEx directory in real-time, we ensured that every FedEx Ground employee received tailored content pertinent to their role and interests.

Elevated Content Engagement

The Daily Ground Online boasts an extensive collection of captivating articles and resources. To boost user interaction with this vast content, the BFM team introduced innovative engagement features. This encompasses a 'Special Announcement' label to highlight critical content and a 'Favorite' feature for users to bookmark their preferred stories. Additionally, every article now offers a space for feedback, fostering an environment for dialogue, constructive critiques, and meaningful discussions.

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Seeking a medium to consolidate its team and transform internal communication, FedEx Ground turned to Blue Fountain Media. Presently, 'The Daily Ground' stands as the central digital platform and primary content source for all FedEx Ground staff, promoting active participation and fostering rich conversations throughout the organization. Furthermore, FedEx Ground has enhanced insights into the kind of content their team genuinely appreciates, setting the stage for even more effective communication moving forward.

Webdesign Project 5

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