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Delta Star, established in 1908 in Chicago, has carved its niche as a top-tier producer of power transformers, mobile substations, and mobile transformers. They not only play an instrumental role in crafting and safeguarding essential power infrastructures but also facilitate the smooth progression of daily routines.

With its rich heritage, Delta Star is now hailed as an emblematic figure in the industry and a global trailblazer. They proudly reign as the leading substation provider in North America, consistently delivering forward-thinking solutions to their clientele.

Challenge at Hand

Digital Conundrums and Pursuits

While Delta Star offers indispensable, high-value products to a diverse customer base with distinct sales rhythms, their digital footprint primarily resonated as an informational, brochure-esque platform. Although it imparted knowledge, it fell short in capitalizing on prospective leads or guiding the indecisive.

Teaming up with BFM, Delta Star's vision was clear - metamorphose their website into a potent lead magnet, one that mirrors their dedication to customers and amplifies business prospects. Complementing this transformation, BFM's tactical marketing initiatives aimed to nurture ties with pivotal decision-makers during crucial buying phases.

Webdesign Project 103

The Approach

The metamorphosis of Delta Star was fueled by a dual-strategy approach, serving as the blueprint for our website design and marketing initiatives. These strategies were meticulously crafted after a thorough analysis of competitors and market trends.

Collectively, they formed the foundation of our engagement, steering the course for both our website's evolution and our promotional campaigns.

A Website Centered Around the User

A detailed analysis of Delta Star's website UX was conducted by our experts, pinpointing its strengths and areas of improvement. With this understanding, we revamped the site into a streamlined brand hub, laser-focused on generating leads.

Enriched content was incorporated throughout the site to enhance SEO and marketing endeavors. Additionally, newly introduced contact forms provided a straightforward avenue for prospects to reach out.

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Harnessing the Force of Paid Media

With an ambition to elevate their marketing endeavors and attract fresh leads, Delta Star collaborated closely with our in-house experts. Together, our teams of creative minds and strategic thinkers, supplemented by paid media specialists, crafted and unleashed targeted campaigns across the Google Display Network and LinkedIn.

As we began receiving performance metrics, our data analysts suggested incremental modifications to the advertisements and landing page elements. This approach facilitated the continual enhancement of our campaigns, ensuring our messages and visuals resonated precisely with the intended audience.

Engaging Content Strategy

While the previous Delta Star website was densely packed with content, it risked overwhelming visitors. Understanding the balance between offering necessary information and avoiding cognitive overload, our team of copywriters crafted concise and impactful content, streamlining the essential details about Delta Star's product lineup.

Considering not every visitor might be immediately ready for a significant investment in substations or transformers, we introduced a 'Substation Planning' whitepaper. This initiative was designed to maintain engagement beyond initial interactions and throughout the entire decision-making process.

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Delta Star's revamped website now truly mirrors its eminent position in the industry, showcasing top-tier content expected of a market front-runner. This digital evolution, in synergy with our marketing endeavors, has led to a marked rise in overall conversions, improvements in campaign success rates, and a commendable reduction in CPA.

  • Boost of 92.6% in overall conversions during the initial 11-month period.
  • Growth of 254% in the campaign conversion rate across the first 11 months.
  • Reduction by 64.4% in CPA over the 11-month span.
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