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Webdesign Project 103

Avetta, a leading technology firm, empowers clients to uphold unparalleled sustainability and safety standards, especially in industries prone to high risks. With its cloud-based supplier management, seasoned expertise, and a platform linking proficient suppliers to large-scale clients, Avetta stands at the core of a fortified supply chain.

Companies grappling with contractor management can greatly benefit from what Avetta offers. However, despite its intricate and multifaceted offerings, Avetta's website used to be equally complex. Limited to just English, the website posed challenges to its global aspirations. This led Avetta to collaborate with Blue Fountain Media, aiming to rejuvenate the website and convey a cohesive narrative.

Webdesign Project 103
Charting a Lucid Course The updated site simplifies the user journey, directly addressing fundamental questions like “What makes Avetta unique?” and “Which solutions do we bring to the table?”. Understanding the importance of connecting with both clients and suppliers, the website delineates distinct pathways, catering to the nuances and concerns of each demographic.

Crafting Interactive Experiences

Adhering to the principle of “demonstrate rather than declare”, the website's design accentuates engagement, enabling potential clients to evaluate the Avetta platform firsthand.

The website showcases video presentations, immersive tours, and a plethora of interactive elements and evidence, all aimed at helping newcomers understand the essence and advantages of the Avetta solution.

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Expanding Horizons with a Personalized Approach

As Avetta sails on its global expansion journey, it resolved to make its website universally accessible. The revamped multi-lingual website, crafted on Drupal 8 with Acquia, now offers content in 9 distinct languages.

Furthermore, Acquia's robust personalization tools empower Avetta to tailor the site's experience for both clients and suppliers, allowing it to fine-tune content based on the specific roles and sectors of its visitors.

Outcomes Unveiled

Debuting in December 2020 and supplemented with multi-lingual variants in February 2021, the website has fostered enhanced visibility and user interaction. A YoY analysis from January 1st reveals a surge in organic traffic by 26.19% and a decrease in bounce rate by 3.19%, solidifying Avetta's prowess in leveraging its distinct offerings.

Our collaboration with Avetta persists, emphasizing the refinement of personalization techniques to make the user journey even more intuitive and fluid.

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