The Power of Authenticity

Today, consumers are more inundated with ads, more suspicious of marketing, and more skeptical of brands than ever before. Yet, these same consumers have propelled so many digital brands to instant success.

Though today's customers are demanding, they still gravitate toward brands that look, speak, and act authentically.

However, creating an authentic brand identity - let alone one that aligns with your business goals - is a daunting task.

At Wekihost, we know what it takes for digital brands to succeed. With a knack for storytelling and a zeal for strategy, our team helps businesses stand out through art direction, compelling content, and some soul-searching, too.

DeerCreek Case Study

Case Study

Sowing the Seeds of Success
pour une marque agricole en pleine croissance

See how a complete rebranding helped
Deer Creek Seed find style, confidence, and sales growth Deer Creek Seed..

A Quality Brand Partner

You shouldn't trust your brand with just anyone. Your brand is in the best hands when you engage an agency that:

Is Story-focused. Today's consumers want and expect to know what drives your brand. Find a branding agency that understands what makes a good story and has the skills to tell yours.

Is Always Strategic. Your branding partners should be strategic, basing their decisions not on hunches, but on research, data, and best practices.

Is Ready to Market. Ultimately, a new brand has to be marketed. When the people building your brand deeply understand marketing, you can trust that your branding will resonate in theory and in practice.

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How We Help Brands Find Themselves

Our approach to brand identity is as creative as it is methodical, where design and content meet research and experience.

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Discovery + Research

Meeting Your Brand

For every branding effort, we consider stakeholder interviews mission-critical. We ask frank questions to understand what your business goals are, what your brand is now, and what it aims to be.

We ask direct, frank questions.

We also lay the foundation for critical research that we build the project upon. We pay particular attention to your key competitors, your audience's behavior, and branding trends in your industry.

We particularly focus on your key competitors.

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Brand Storytelling

Uncovering the Narrative

The modern brand has a story - a driving manifesto that explains what it does and why its audience should care.

Taking what we learned during the discovery phase, our branding and content teams help identify and develop the narrative behind your business.

They help identify and develop the narrative.

They put your vision, mission, positioning, values, and core promises in writing.

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Verbal Identity

Finding Your Voice

Our content team is ready to help build your brand's identity on the page.

We often assist with naming - whether it's for a new product or service, or for the brand itself.

We collaborate to develop names that approach your brand from various creative angles, narrowing down choices until we're left with just one.

We work with our clients to craft taglines - always a tough task of condensing a value proposition into a few punchy words.

Finally, a consistent and distinct brand voice is an essential part of your identity.

To achieve this, our content team refines your brand story to lend it a consistent personality that stands out.

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Visual Identity

Focusing on the Look and Feel

In addition to creating amazing logos, our design and branding teams have extensive experience in creating visual guidelines for digital brands. [link to logo design page] [link to Logo Design page]

We can help you choose a brand color palette that works harmoniously and sets the right tone.

We can create custom iconography, set a photography direction, or develop other visual elements that define your brand.

We can set the photography direction.

We can extend your visual identity into any channel, including websites, advertising, and even animation, where consistency and authenticity are key.

We can expand your visual identity into any channel.



Bringing it to Life

As a full-service digital agency, Wekihost is ready to implement our branding recommendations and seamlessly transition into an implementation phase.

In the same vein, our marketing team is ready to put your new brand in front of consumers.

Our marketing team is ready to put your new brand in front of consumers.

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